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 CICG is a strategy consulting firm specializing in small to mid-size businesses. Our principal founder, Kenneth Carnesi,   Sr., holds a Juris Doctor degree from New York Law School; a Professional Certificate in International Banking from   Harvard Law School; a Specialization Certification in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from The Wharton School of   Business and a Professional Certification in Organizational Analysis from Standford. Mr.Carnesi has extensive   experience in the emerging markets of Eastern Europe and Central Asia and is considered to be among the top 100   global experts in doing business in the Republic of Kazakhstan. CICG has  U.S. offices in New York, South Carolina, and   California and European offices in the U.K. and Italy. 

Our History

 CICG was founded with a particular focus upon "start-up" ventures and the core challenges faced by small to mid-size   bussinesses in earning superior profits and consistently staying ahead of the competition in the domestic, foreign and   government procurement markets. It has been stated that the fundamental distinction between strategy and   operations is that strategy addresses the question of "What do we do?", while operations is concerned with "How do   we do it?".  


 CICG believes that strategy consulting when at its best, addresses both questions in symmetry. CICG employs a proven   system of organizational analysis, which lends itself to close colloboration with the client and provides the client with   the most comprehensive, data driven, fact based recommendations uniquely designed to meet the client's needs,   goals, vision and challenges in the marketplace.

 The CICG global network of associates and advisors in the fields of economics, finance, intellectual property, market   research, venture capital, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, risk management, accounting, insurance and   GSA government contracting, provides its clients with a formidable team of professionals ready to assist in building an   effective strategic plan for your company. 



CICG Network of Advisors


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